Volume 4: DISTRACTIONS (Fall 2014) is now available for purchase!
The issue is available via Amazon.com in the U.S. and Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, and Amazon.it in Europe.)



  • Joseph A. Cohen: “Waiting,” “How Lovely Is Our Dwelling Place,” “Christina’s Trees”
  • Mercedes Lawry: “Winter Coping Skills”
  • Miriam Sagan: “Collage”
  • Sally Houtman: “Nineteen”
  • Ace Boggess: “it’s raining at 6 a.m.”
  • Karina Borowicz: “Frame”
  • Frank Scozzari: “Three Days Out”
  • Vinita Agrawal: “In the Shadow of a Wasp”
  • Mike Sheedy: “Mr. Reesa”
  • Krikor N. Der Hohannesian: “Cabaret,” “The Art of Insanity”
  • Patricia Belote: “Living Underground,” “Snapshot”
  • Don Russ: “The Long Marsh View”
  • Christopher Woods: “Grafitti Truck”
  • Joanna M. Weston: “The Van”
  • Mark DeCarteret: “Heir Apparent,” “Persona Poem”
  • Pesach Rotem: “Super Bowl XLVIII”
  • Roxanne Halpine Ward: “Things We Lose, Things We Keep”
  • Christopher Woods: “Overgrown Bed”
  • Fern G. Z. Carr: “One Damned Day”
  • Lance Nizami: “Distraction,” “Chaos Theory”
  • Lawrence Kessenich: “A New Life,” “A Room of One’s Own,” “Birds of Prey”
  • Hana Fox: “In the Light,” “The Rails”
  • Laura Glenn: “Eggshells”
  • Craig Cochran: “Settlers”
  • Bill Dill: “Now and When,” “An Eleven-Year-Old Prodigy Rehearses”
  • Logan Seidl: “The First and Last Time I Went to My Mother’s Chemo Treatment,” “A Day Inside the Amazon.com Warehouse in Fernley, Nevada”
  • James William Gardner: “Farther Along”
  • Michael Collins: “Neighbors”
  • D. Dina Friedman: “Geography”
  • Mark Oet: “Fluorescent Sun,” “Neon Waters”
  • Catherine Chambers: “The Rainy City”
  • Donna Barkman: “Eventide Surrender,” “House of Pestilence”
  • Diana Anhalt: “Memorial”
  • Ruth Smullin: “Luckily”
  • Anuja Ghimire: “Scabs”
  • George Held: “The Dancer in the Box”
  • Alice Weiss: “The Old Inn, Dennis”
  • Wendell Smith: “Naming Song”
  • Roland Pease: “Flat Out,” “A Rite of Passage,” “A Puller of Legs”
  • Doug Holder: “First Apartment Boston 1978,” “Street Singers”
  • Kathleen Spivack: “The Bathroom of My Ex-Lover’s Wife”
  • Pui Ying Wong: “In the Narrow Hotel,” “Victoria Harbor, 2013”
  • Tim Suermondt: “Mucho Shoes”
  • Louie Clay: “Crowd Distracted”
  • Lara Rubinstein Hathaway: “Girl Likes Boy, Boy is Dedicated to Register”
  • Alexander Levering Kern: “The Story You Live & Tell”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “Dream of White Towels”
  • Petaluma Vale: “The Cosmic Café,” “Halfway Through Antigone,” “Someone New”