is a print literary journal based in the Cambridge/Boston area, featuring poetry and short fiction. We seek writing that is fresh and resonant, and look forward to reading work from our local literary community as well as elsewhere.

UPDATE September 2, 2018: Submissions for volume 8 (VULNERABILITY) are now closed. We had a record number of submissions for this issue. Thank you to everyone who sent us work! We expect the issue to be available later in the fall.

Constellations volume 7: TRANSGRESSION is currently available. This issue was worth the wait; it’s 50% larger than each of the previous two, boasting poetry, fiction, and photography from a whopping 56 contributors.

Please also join us in congratulating the authors of the following pieces, our
Pushcart Prize nominees for issue 7:
  • “Got It Dicked” by Luke Salisbury (story, 1432 words)
  • “Cycling in Indian Country” by Johanna DeMay (poem, 28 lines)
  • “Grin” by Barbara Nishimoto (story, 1719 words)
  • “White Lies” by Brandon French (story, 1769 words)
  • “Man Mountain” by Zvi A. Sesling (poem, 36 lines)
  • “Old Ma’s Peach Blossom Luck” by Shan Xiaoming (story, 6342 words)
The issue is available via in the U.S. and,,,, and in Europe.