is a print literary journal based in the Cambridge/Boston area, featuring poetry and short fiction. We seek writing that is fresh and resonant, and look forward to reading work from our local literary community as well as elsewhere.

UPDATE September 13, 2019: Unfortunately, we have had to close for submissions two days early because we’ve been getting contributions at more than twice the fastest rate we’ve ever gotten them before. We have selected all the content for volume 9 and it will likely be our largest issue ever. Apologies to those who were unable to get their material to us for this issue.

Meanwhile, Constellations volume 8: VULNERABILITY is still available, featuring poetry, fiction, art, and photography from a record-breaking 62 contributors.

The issue is available via in the U.S.,,,,, and in Europe, and in Asia. (As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.)


Please also join us in congratulating the authors of the following pieces, our Pushcart Prize nominees for issue 8:

  • “Thoughts on a Priest's Cassock” by Babitha Marina Justin (poetry, 24 lines)
  • “A Theory With a Flaw” by Jenna Le (poetry, 32 lines)
  • “American Massacre” by Brandon Marlon (poetry, 24 lines)
  • “Spacemusic” by Justine Talbot (fiction, 990 words)
  • Au Secours!” by James Ross (fiction, 1432 words)
  • “Disclosure” by Treena Thibodeau (fiction, 5395 words)