Volume 3: LIFE REVISIONS (Fall 2013) is now available for purchase!
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  • Ivan de Monbrison: “A Human Figure Translated”
  • Doug Holder: “A Vacant Stare at the Sky”
  • Harris Gardner: “Notes: Boston, April 17, 2013”
  • Luke Salisbury: “Ilona”
  • Valentina Cano: “A Death,” “The Chase”
  • Mark J. Mitchell: “The Second Plague,” “Done Driving,” “Etruscan Book Study,” “Timepiece,” “Ballads”
  • Joseph Giordano: “Out of Gas”
  • Neil Mathison: “Bread and Water”
  • Cara Ehlenfeldt: “Portraiture”
  • Narendra Sharma: “Shades of Nature”
  • Kathleen Spivack: “The Story of Herself”
  • Krikor Der Hohannesian: “The Horrible Band,” “Orphic Dreams,” “Waiting for the Rain”
  • Jennifer Jean: “Hunger”
  • Frank Scozzari: “iWarriors”
  • Svetlana Kortchik: “A Dog’s Life”
  • Ted Jean: “Hellebore”
  • Michael Collins: “Confession”
  • Sylvia Ashby: “Ecdysis: Strip Tease,” “Options”
  • Richard King Perkins II: “Reflections on Poetry Daily”
  • Michelle Hartman: “Let Things Happen to Me,” “in progress”
  • Ann Howells: “Piney Point Marina,” “Fig Trees”
  • Zvi A. Sesling: “Where the Red Hair Came From,” “Buried in Ohio,” “Teach Me to Hear Mermaids Dance”
  • Virginia Bach Folger: “The Queen of England,” “Spirals,” “Robert”
  • Lawrence Kessenich: “Meditation,” “A Small Celebration,” “Explorer,” “Grace,” “A Brief Biography of Bill”
  • Logan Seidl: “What America Is Doing to Baseball, Kids, and Other Stuff,” “Dear LadyFish,” “Remodel”
  • Helen Silverstein: “Burn Pile”
  • Peggy Aylsworth: “The Fathers,” “Song for Women at a Hard Time,” “How It Was, 1935”
  • Karen English: “Moonrise”
  • Jenny Rossi: “Let’s Go to Arizona”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso: “Things: Yard-Sale Karma”
  • E. A. Fow: “A Collection of Crashes”
  • Bear Jack Gebhardt: “Old Friends, Parting,” “Faces of Fast Friends”
  • Bill Dill: “Encounter on the Charles,” “She’s Ivy Now”
  • Juleigh Howard-Hobson: “Crap”
  • Ace Boggess: “Letter to Kids on Bicycles Screaming Playfully Outside My Window on a Sunday Morning,” “Possible Side Effects”
  • Charles Leggett: “Love TV in the ’Love Tent’”
  • Cathy Bryant: “Broken Biscuits,” “The Clothes of Heavy Trouble,” “Skimming Moments”
  • Brandon French: “Tall”
  • Lesley Kimball: “The Beginning of the End”
  • Melissa Ferguson: “Michelangelo’s Veins”
  • Roland Pease: “Pretty Please, or Life is Short,” “Portrait #1”
  • John Biggs: “End Times Confusion”
  • Wendell Smith: “Just As My Fetus Felt,” “Fractal Caveat,” “Advance Directive”
  • William Ogden Haynes: “Window Dressing”
  • Joanna M. Weston: “Rebuilding”
  • Ruth Margolin Silin: “The String Puller”